HBase Releases

Please make sure you're downloading from a nearby mirror site, not from www.apache.org.

We suggest downloading the current stable release.

The 0.98.x series is the current stable release, it supercedes 0.94.x and 0.96.x. Note that 0.96 was EOL'd September 1st, 2014. Use a 0.98.x instead.

HBase 0.99.0 is a "developer preview" release, and an odd-numbered release as defined in https://hbase.apache.org/book/upgrading.html#hbase.versioning. THIS RELEASE IS NOT INTENDED FOR PRODUCTION USE, and does not contain any backwards or forwards compatibility guarantees (even within minor versions 0.99.x). Please refrain from deploying this over important data. Use latest 0.98.x release instead

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[TXT]HEADER.html29-Oct-2014 19:08 859  
[DIR]hbase-0.94.23/30-Oct-2014 17:49 -  
[DIR]hbase-0.94.24/30-Oct-2014 17:50 -  
[DIR]hbase-0.96.2/30-Oct-2014 17:49 -  
[DIR]hbase-0.98.7/30-Oct-2014 17:53 -  
[DIR]hbase-0.98.8/18-Nov-2014 10:08 -  
[DIR]hbase-0.99.0/30-Oct-2014 17:49 -  
[DIR]hbase-0.99.1/30-Oct-2014 17:51 -  
[DIR]stable/18-Nov-2014 10:08 -  
[DIR]to_remove/30-Oct-2014 17:48 -  

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